CARE UNIT is a registered organisation with a commitment to flexible, adaptive, and evidence-based First Aid training and sale of First Aid kits. Established in 2013, CARE UNIT is gradually building its strength in the Health and safety industry and has since developed a reputation as and progressive First Aid service provider. Our operation is underpinned by a willingness to understand your requirements and tailor an appropriate program.

As a private provider, CARE UNIT acknowledges the importance of matching training material with job relevance. This relevance is fundamental to our training programs and the commitment to applied knowledge. We understand the importance of competency-based learning used in conjunction with theory and practice. Competency based learning is an ideal tool for staff working within your organization enabling the learning process to become more interactive, efficient and relative to their work environment.

Mission Statement

CARE UNIT provides quality, flexible and innovative training that is tailored to the client’s needs. Training is outcome driven with an aim to advance the skills and knowledge of the clients we serve. Our team takes pride in their contribution to the on-going commercial success of our company”

Need Statement

First aid equipment, facilities and First Aiders must be accessible to workers whenever they work including those working night shifts or overtime. On a daily basis about a million workers suffer, workplace accidents worldwide and most of these occur in the developing world (ILO, 2009). According to Mason et al in the Health and Safety Executive Manual (1995, p.4), violations of safety procedures are a significant cause of many accidents.

Quality of Content

Based on the African First Aid Manual (AFAM) and European First Aid Manual (EFAM) development, our training materials are cutting edge with the most up to date learning strategies and content. Our content strictly conforms to the International First Aid standards and is continuously updated to ensure you have access to only the latest resources and training techniques. Additionally, CARE UNIT conducts quality ASSESSMENT AFTER EVERY SERVICES PROVIDED to ensure we maintain the highest standards of SERVICE DELIVERY.

Training Delivery

The fundamental reason for our company’s success is the quality of services we provide employees. Our teams of dedicated trainers are willing to implement a wide variety of learning applications to ensure all participants have an opportunity to improve their skills and competencies. Depending on the nature of the program, our courses are typically delivered via combination learning and assessment strategies, these include –

1. Face to face trainer led theory classes

2. Practical sessions/simulations

3. Observations

4. Assessment tasks

Tailored training system which can be applied across your entire company. Training can be tailored specifically to your work environment and includes instruction relating to anticipated risks, hazards & injuries.

Training Objectives

Our training is designed to enable our clients perform the following:

1. Basic life-saving procedures, such as maintaining an opened Airway, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Control of Bleeding etc.

2. General First Aid techniques for all types of injuries, sudden illnesses and safe Transportation

3. Quick response to Accidents and Emergency situation.


1. Students become more safety conscious, helping minimize the number of accidents

2. First Aid and CPR save lives, particularly where there are great injuries and it is critical that immediate action must be taken. Training gives critical knowledge and confidence to effectively manage an emergency without fear or confusion

3. First Aid trainees know exactly what’s in their First Aid Kits, how to use the contents and the various ways to react in an emergency. In a beneficial way, it makes each students an unofficial health and safety risk manager

4. Students learn how to perform CPR, bandage injuries, and control blood bleeding – critical skills for emergencies anywhere, not just the school. Investing in training also invests in our society

5. No injuries means increased attendance, less loss study hours, saves and reduces the institution cost on hospital bills



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