Driver saves a pedestrian through CPR

Truck number GS 5564-19, driven by Nii Ayitey Coleman, left Accra DC on the 12-06-20 around 11:30 a.m and drove on the Tema motorway route to Denu one of our KDs. On his way just upon reaching the free zones traffic light at Tema, the red light traffic stopped and a motorbike from behind him crossed the red light. In the process, he hit a pedestrian in the pedestrian walkway. Both the motor rider and the pedestrian fell to the ground with no visible injury.

The pedestrian immediately went unconscious while the motor rider got up with no idea as to what to do to the unconscious pedestrian. Whiles people rushed to the scene, our freshly trained First Aid driver got off his truck and approached the situation. He then asked permission from the people gathered around by introducing himself as a first aider before he administered first aid to the unconscious pedestrian.

Nii Ayitey Coleman then administered CPR to the unconscious pedestrian until he got revived on the 27th press. He later called for a cab to take the recovered pedestrian to the nearby hospital. This is a brief description of what happened on his way to the POC.

Well done our gallant driver Nii Ayitey Coleman.

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